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Hello dear Musicfans! Welcome to my DISCO Radioshow Homepage. I am professional DJ since 1994 focussing on Eurodance, Dance, Trance and Techno. My music archive consists of over 6000 Maxi-CDs, hundreds of CDs and lots of Vinyl-Maxis.

There are no commercial breaks or other nagging stuff inside my DISCO Radioshow. Enjoy your favourite music for free! There are no limits. Everytime, everywhere, Twenty 4 Seven. There are no time schedules you have to keep in mind. You don't need Instagram, TikTok, Twitch or whatever. Just enter the Podcast-area and choose an episode. You can do it RIGHT NOW, you don't need to register anywhere, no login-data or passwords. Have fun listening to great music!

How to listen to the DISCO Radioshow

Please find a detailed Tracklist for each DISCO episode. You can see what you are listening to. Mostly it's a mix of Hits and Rarities. It can easily be you discover Tracks you've been looking for since half an eternity. Or you may hear some "old" Tracks from the nineties for the first time in your life. It's always worth to listen to the DISCO if you love Eurodance.

On my Podcast-pages you have access to all DISCO episodes in full length. Just hit the "Play"-Button to let it run. Jump to any time position by clicking into the waveform. If your web browser does not support playing music, you can try entering HEARTHIS directly. Having a free HEARTHIS-account will enable you to interact with me. You can leave some comments, give Likes or chat with me.

DISCO nonstop

The DISCO Homepage is a great help to keep overview as there are over 100 DISCO Shows online at the moment. It saves very much time in case you are looking for something certain. You don't need to scroll up and down for hours. On top of it you see at first sight if there are some brand new DISCO episodes online.


I would be very happy to receive financial support as a small thank you! By supporting me today, you will ensure that the DISCO lives on tomorrow. Every year there are costs for domain and web hosting as well as for the HEARTHIS premium account. I invest whatever money is left over to buy music for the DISCO.

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About me


I was born in Burglengenfeld located in the Free State of Bavaria, Southern Germany. Music has always been my favorite hobby. In the early 1990s I tried to imitate the DJ mixes from the radio myself with my then modest resources. It was a formative time for me because it was the foundation for the DISCO Radioshow a good 20 years later. From 1994 I became a professional DJ and by 1995 I had my own studio technology.

Later I was the manager of several participants in the casting shows "DSDS - Deutschland sucht den Superstar" and "POPSTARS". That's how I came into contact with "CityREdio" and was asked if I would like to help shape the program there. The first test episode of the DISCO Radioshow ran in September 2011 to see if there was any interest. From 2012, DISCO became an integral part of the newly founded "Fresh FM", the successor to CityREdio. In addition, my radio show also ran on “Lazer FM Chicago” (USA) and all affiliated stations in America. In 2015, the DISCO moved to "Hola FM Radio Fuerteventura", where it was broadcast exclusively every Saturday until 2020.

From 2011 to 2020, over 300 DISCO episodes were created. My goal is to get all of this material online for you over time.

DISCO in the stream of time

Information for potential radio syndication partners

The old DISCO episodes are currently being prepared for the future. I have over 300 episodes available as raw material, which were broadcast on various radio stations around the world from 2011 to 2020. Most radio stations no longer exist and my moderations relate to things that are no longer current. That's why I decided to make DISCO time-neutral before re-publishing it.

It will still take some time until I have trimmed everything to neutrality. That's why episodes 200 to 303 are still online in their original form. Over time I will update everything and also submit episodes 1 to 199.


Listener letters

I am always very interested in your feedback. Please don't hesitate to write me a few lines. Whether in German or English doesn't matter, I speak both


You’re also welcome to do so via Facebook! Just send me a friend request.

Letters, postcards or parcels

I am particularly happy to receive letters by post. Or if you would like to donate your old CDs or vinyl to me, just send them here. My mailing address:

Manuel Cerny
Pfälzer Str. 15
93133 Burglengenfeld

Music Promo

Please do not add me to promo pools. Send me your music on CD (or vinyl) to my address and I'll listen to it. If it fits the DISCO Radioshow, there's a good chance it will get played.